Dash Cam Showdown: REDTIGER vs VIOFO vs Vantrue

Choosing the right dash cam can be overwhelming. Let’s compare three popular options on Amazon to help you pick the perfect one for your needs:

Redtiger F7N

Viofo A229 Pro

Vantrue N4 3 Pro

REDTIGER F7N Dash Cam (Budget-Friendly, Front & Rear)


  • Most Affordable: The cheapest option, Check Price On Amazon.
  • High-Resolution Recording: Offers good video quality with 4K front and 2.5K rear recording.
  • Easy to Use: Straightforward design with user-friendly interface.


  • Lower Image Sensor: Uses a Sony sensor (model not specified), potentially offering less low-light performance compared to the others.
  • Limited Features: Fewer advanced features compared to VIOFO and Vantrue.
  • Lower Maximum Storage: Supports only up to 256GB SD card (not included) compared to the others.

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VIOFO A229 Pro 4K HDR Dash Cam (Balanced Features, Front & Rear)


  • Excellent Image Quality: Dual Sony STARVIS 2 sensors deliver sharp and clear videos, especially in low light.
  • Balanced Features: Offers a good mix of essential features like HDR, WiFi, and parking mode.
  • Reliable Brand: VIOFO is known for its reliable dash cams with good customer support.


  • Mid-Range Price: Check Price on Amazon, it’s more expensive than the REDTIGER but less than the Vantrue.
  • No Night Vision Sensor: Relies solely on the Sony sensor for low-light performance.
  • Lower Maximum Storage: Supports only up to 256GB SD card (not included) compared to the Vantrue.

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Vantrue N4 Pro 3 Channel 4K WiFi Dash Cam (Feature-Packed, 3 Channel)


  • Most Features: Offers the most features like a 3-channel option, parking mode buffer, and a Sony Starvis 2 sensor.
  • Highest Resolution: Supports 4K Ultra HD recording for exceptional detail.
  • Expandable Storage: Supports up to 1TB SD card (not included) for extended recording.


  • Most Expensive: Check Price on Amazon, it’s the most expensive option here.
  • Bulkier Design: The 3-channel configuration might be bulkier for some windshields.
  • Complex Setup: Having a 3-channel setup might require a slightly more complex installation process.

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Choosing the Right Dash Cam:

  • Budget: If affordability is key, REDTIGER is the winner. For a balance of features and price, VIOFO is a good choice. Vantrue offers the most features but comes at a premium.
  • Image Quality: For the best low-light performance, VIOFO and Vantrue with Sony STARVIS 2 sensors are better choices.
  • Features: If you need a 3-channel setup or extensive storage options, Vantrue is the way to go.
  • Ease of Use: REDTIGER offers a user-friendly design, while VIOFO and Vantrue might require more setup time.

Ultimately, the best dash cam depends on your individual needs and budget. Consider the factors above to make an informed decision!


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